Happy Easter everyone! 🐰💐look at those beautiful bouquet of roses 😻 and my new favourite hand cream i got yesterday 🙈

it’s too late oops but i’ve written my blogpost and i’m proud of my photos (even if as usual the writing is shit when will i find my creativity and artistic flair with words? i think it disappeared much around the time as my tooth did maybe that’s connected) and when i wake up i can go see my jacob

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makes me sad when i do blog posts im really excited about posting and photography im really proud of and no one reads it

and im so so proud of the photography in my next blog post im posting tomorrow but dont anticipate im going to get as many views as i’d hope and that makes me sad as i feel its good work wasted :(

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this is my new fav picture in tumblr.

f r e s h ✰ m o d e r n